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The Ludwik Fleck Center is assembling a collection of “Fleckiana”, comprising books, articles and other publications (incl. film and audio material) by and about Ludwik Fleck, with the aim of making such material available to the public online. The Ludwik Fleck Center also intends to establish an interactive research bibliography devoted to Ludwik Fleck.

Tatsache – Denkstil – Kontroverse: Auseinandersetzungen mit Ludwik Fleck, [= “Fact – Thought Style – Controversies: Encounters with Ludwik Fleck”] Rainer Egloff (Ed.), Collegium Helveticum vol. 1, Collegium Helveticum, Zurich 2005. Out of print.

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Cognition and Fact. Materials on Ludwik Fleck
, Robert S. Cohen and Thomas Schnelle (Ed.), Boston Studies in the Philosophy of Science, Vol. 87, R. Reidel Publishing company Dordrecht/Boston/Lancaster/Tokyo 1986.

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(The Ludwik Fleck Center thanks Springer Science+Business Media for its generous permission to make the publication available online.)