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The documents from Ludwik Fleck’s estate presently to hand are available in the form of copies made by Thomas Schnelle from originals provided him for that purpose by Marcus Klingberg, Fleck’s executor and the manager of his estate, during a research trip to Israel Schnelle undertook in 1979. In addition, the Archive currently also contains documentation of Schnelle’s research as well as copies of correspondence between Ludwik Fleck and Schwabe Verlag in Basel. All available materials are to be found in the Archives of Contemporary History at ETH Zurich and may be consulted in conformity with the archival regulations and provisions of use applicable there. For instructions on the online consultation of documents see the website of the Ludwik Fleck Archive at the Archives of Contemporary History.

The Ludwik Fleck Center is committed to continuously enhancing the Fleck Archive, to which end it has obtained the right, in accordance with an agreement reached on 20 May 2005 in Paris between Marcus Klingberg and the Collegium Helveticum, to demand from their current holders, both private and public, all objects belonging to the intellectual estate of Ludwik Fleck.

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