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“For cognition is neither passive contemplation nor acquisition of the only possible insight into something given. It is an active, live interrelationship, a reshaping and being reshaped, in short, an act of creation.”

Ludwik Fleck, “On the crisis of 'reality'” [1929]


The Ludwik Fleck Centre (LFC) is a forum for the study of Ludwik Fleck’s work, life and ideas. Drawing on Fleck’s views on realism and constructivism, the centre also explores general problems in the philosophy of science and sociology. Consequently, the LFC supports and documents the assessment of Ludwik Fleck’s importance to the history of philosophy and science, while also promoting projects in the fields of epistemology and the history of science in context. The LFC also works to promote discussion and networking between those who are interested in the life and work of Ludwik Fleck and epistemological problems.